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Ensuring Efficiency and reliability of your processes with IntelliFlux




Batch processes, with potential of product quality variations and off spec. products.


Reliability of utilities with respect to quality and availability, impairment of process owing to off-spec. water or unscheduled maintenance. 


Waste management costs. Need to recycle and reuse water. 


Lack of centralized monitoring of process variables, leading to lack of visibility and timely intervention in case of process plant upsets. 


Lack of in house skilled personnel to manage operation of water and energy systems supporting production. Such services are often outsourced.


Plant decision support systems are often not integrated with operations management.


Process water availability crtically affects production in many segments of the chemical process industry. The water input to the plant, be it process water, water for steam or cooling, or water for other secondary use, drives the economics of manufacturing bulk and speciality chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and even semiconductors. The influent water quality management is critical for process reliability in these plants. However, the growing pressure related to water usage and water footprint reduction has forced many chemical processing industries to adopt water recycle and reuse strategies. Your core process dictates the wastewater quality at your plant. Any variation or upset in your core process is manifested in the operation of your water treatment assets, eventually dictating your water recycle efficiency and cost of wastewater reuse and waste disposal. Your water treatment facility is an excellent sensor for the overall efficiency and health of your process. Simply monitoring the performance of your water treatment plant with IntelliFlux can give you significant insight regarding your core processes, and help you optimize your core operations. 

HOW IntelliFlux HELPS

  • Our Smart SCADA platform and Virtual Reporter can provide you a complete view of your process operations, as well as the water, chemicals, and energy usage at your plant.
  • You retain the knowledge, visibility, and control of your core and support facilities.
  • IntelliFlux gives you insight to optimize the performance of your plant, provides proactive notifications, and maintains all operational data, avoiding costly downtimes or maintenance bottlenecks.
  • IntelliFlux can automatically generate all your plant performance reports.


There is a fundamental difference between data and knowledge. If you have a SCADA system, you may already have access to historical data of your operations. However, this raw historical data requires considerable processing and analysis by experts to convert it into actionable knowledge. For instance, when you use the expertise of an engineer or a consultant to troubleshoot a process, the expert assimilates the data and provides you insight about what caused a problem at your plant, and how to avoid that problem again.  Imagine IntelliFlux doing this constantly at your plant in near real time as it gathers data,  and giving you feedback on demand to improve your operations continuously. Let us show you how IntelliFlux can become “Your Best Knowledge Resource”.

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