Unparalleled insight and foresight about your process plant performance

IntelliFlux APRICOT Platform

Agnostic to existing plant hardware, process, and automation architecture.

Customizable for any process.

Provided as API for bulk deployment in large projects.

Our custom product lines are developed using the core APRICOT (Augmented Process Recommendation & Industrial Control Optimization Tools) engine, and include three tiers of products, Smart-SCADA, Virtual Reporting Assistant, and Virtual Operator Assistant.
Each product line can be further customized for various processes, including single unit operations in a plant, to multiple unit operations covering the entire plant. Furthermore, the client-server architecture of APRICOT makes it highly suited for centralized monitoring and comparative performance mapping of multiple plant assets located at different remote sites.

IntelliFlux Smart SCADA


This product line implements the basic data analysis and monitoring modules of IntelliFlux, providing your plant operations and engineering teams the ability to monitor a plant or a system performance remotely, and download information for further analysis and processing. The monitoring system provides alarms and predictive maintenance guidelines to operators.  IntelliFlux dashboards and predictive alerts help the operations team to schedule maintenance, component replacement, and management of downtime. The monitoring system provides alarms and warnings when it detects process and operations anomaly or influent quality excursion.  This product can be customized to deliver advanced process guidance to operators based on multiple sensor or process variable correlations. 

IntelliFlux Virtual Reporting Assistant

In addition to the Smart-SCADA features, the Virtual Reporting Assistant provides automated reporting features with customized and aggregated process information. The reporting features are delivered through a web based platform that can be accessed by any authorized user of the customer’s team. The reporting timeframe and content can be modified through selections made by the user. Additionally, pre-formatted and pre-configured daily or weekly reports can be automatically delivered to stakeholders through emails. IntelliFlux Virtual Reporting Assistant dramatically reduces or even eliminates the time devoted for processing plant data and report preparation by the operations teams 

IntelliFlux Virtual Operator Assistant

IntelliFlux Virtual Operator Assistant provides the full digital automation framework of IntelliFlux, enabling automated setpoint adjustment, autonomous control, and dynamic plant or process optimization.  Utilizing the digital twin models, as well as machine learning embedded in the system, the Virtual Operator Assistant can automatically adjust the operating setpoints of the plant through the edge control and communication device within the bounds prescribed by the operations team. The monitoring and reporting functions of our other product lines are embedded in IntelliFlux Virtual Operator Assistant. IntelliFlux continuously updates the process information and displays how its autonomous optimization of the plant is saving you money using Key Performance Indicators, such as energy consumption, uptime, savings in water and chemicals.

IntelliFlux Virtual Operator Assistant continues to learn from the plant history, enriching its operating experience over time. This Virtual Operator Assistant remains attached to the plant for its lifetime.


With IntelliFlux as a tool, our process experts, regional distributors, and regional service partners can provide multiple types of customized services related to your plant automation, digitalization efforts, or plant performance assessment and upgrade.

With IntelliFlux as a tool, our plant and process management advisors can provide you a detailed analysis of the current operational practices at your plant, troubleshoot any recurring process upsets and inconsistencies at your plant, and provide suggestions for corrective actions. We provide your plant’s current automation profile and estimate the operational improvement achievable at your plant through improved automation and operations management.

If your plant currently uses some flavor of distributed control system (DCS), and you intend to upgrade your plant to a Smart SCADA plant, IntelliFlux can help you with the implementation of such enhancements, and can customize such a SCADA solution for you.

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