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Reliability, energy savings, and sustainability using intelliflux

Digitalization in the Energy Industry:

IntelliFlux digitalization improves operations in Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Energy Utilities (Power Plants), as well as in Coal to Liquid (CTL) plants.  In all these operations, water forms a key resource that requires judicious management. In upstream oil extraction, IntelliFlux delivers sustainable operation of produced water treatment units and plants. In power generation, IntelliFlux provides sustainable and reliable operation of the cooling water supplies to the plant. In coal to liquid plants, IntelliFlux can provide reliable water treatment operations support assisting the reuse of the wastewater generated by these plants.  In all these applications, IntelliFlux is making valuable contributions toward reducing the water footprint of our conventional energy resources through intelligent operation of the existing plant assets. 



In produced water treatment (O&G), highly variable and complex water chemistry containing free and emulsified oil, solids and dissolved organics- both toxic and non toxic cause frequent upsets in treatment equipment.


Produced water treatment as well as refinery wastewaters equire complicated multi-unit operations including DAF, Oil and Water Separators, Sludge thickeners, Hydrocyclones, Biological treatment, Nutshell filtration polishing.


Produced water treatment and CTL wastewater treatment are some of the most challenging water treatment processes. They frequently encounter process upsets, leading to equipment failure, frequent replacement of components, high consumption of consumables and chemicals, and generate toxic and hazardous wastes.


Ensuring adequate supply of cooling water is fundamentally important for power plants. With water scarcity, many power generation plants are resorting to cooling systems that require reuse. 


Cost of water treatment is one of the highest in the energy sector compared to other water treatment sectors.


Potentially remote locations of Oil & Gas explorations, as well as thermal power plants (based on coal) increase complexity with respect to operation and maintenance.


Knowledgeable operator retention with skillsets to manage water treatment facilities is a recurring problem in many regions of the world.


Reduced OpEx, water footprint, and waste.

Increased reliability causing reduced downtime.

Enhanced safety, potentially avoiding accidents.

Clarity in plant’s output potential data, for better operations and production management.

Ability to deploy operators to remote sites on an as needed basis.

Increased plant’s commercial and lifetime project value.

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