Managing sustainable water treatment with IntelliFlux


Smart Water Plants and IntelliFlux:

Water treatment, whether municipal or industrial, utilizes a diverse range of technologies and unit operations, requiring intense operational intervention throughout the life of a treatment plant. Operational practices, operator experience and expertise, as well as regional regulations vary considerably across the globe. The performance of the same treatment technology varies dramatically depending on the plant influent quality, flow rate variations, operating practices, and seasonal or weather condition variations.  Treatment plants of identical design and specifications require different levels of maintenance, operator intervention, and operations management. Treatment cost varies dramatically and dynamically. While there is a strong drive toward lowering  the CapEx and OpEx of these plants, with experts focussing on the total life cycle cost of a plant, it is being realized that a large fraction of the total cost of water treatment is embedded in the operating cost of the plant over its useful life. IntelliFlux enables conversion of most moderately sized (above 4000 cubic meters/day) existing water treatment plants into smart plants that can autonomously adapt to influent water quality variations. It is the lowest capital retrofit available to improve the reliability, throughput, and life of an existing water treatment facility.


Variations in influent water quality and seasonal variations in operating conditions cause daily performance issues, progressive decline in efficiency, and occasional catastrophic failures in equipment.

Continuing pressures placed upon facility owners to achieve more stringent discharge and recycling objectives, as well as reducing OpEx.


With aging infrastructure, there is often limited budget for CapEx infusion to add treatment capacity and throughput.


Addition of new technologies in an already complex treatment train adds operational complexity in the plant. Newly added technologies are often more stressed and fail to meet expectations. 

Operator training and  highly skilled operator retention challenges exist in many parts of the world, particularly in industrial water treatment sectors.
As a conservative industry providing an essential service, reliability and cost efficieny are of paramount importance. These objectives are frequently unmet in an older plant that is out of warranty. 


IntelliFlux creates the most comprehensive digital model of your water treatment plant, and uses this as a basis for tracking the plant performance, learning the behavior of the plant, optimizing the operation of the plant, and providing maintenance and cleaning guidance to operators. IntelliFlux  dynamically adapts the plant operations to influent conditions and weather condition changes. 

Intelliflux can convert most existing water treatment plants to smart plants, whether it is for seawater desalination using reverse osmosis, or complex wastewater purification using biological treatment. With continuous monitoring and analysis of the plant operating data, IntelliFlux enriches its operating knowledgebase and applies this knowledge to ensure sustainable performance of the plant. 

With IntelliFlux, you get the lowest cost Smart Water upgrade to your existing treatment plant in the least amount of time.

Once installed, IntelliFlux progressively becomes the most diligent operator of the plant as it continuously monitors the plant, and strives to optimize the plant performance.  



Consistent and optimized operations of a single or multi unit treatment system.

Consistent operations whether operating personnel change or not.

Throughput of plant can be synced to influent water flow changes.

Optimize performace between consecutive and parallel process steps.

Predictions of component replacement, cleaning schedule, and failure detection.

Correlation between all available sensor data and validation of sensor data.

Reporting and process guidance to operators and engineers.

The IntelliFlux automation software is a pioneering example of smart water innovation, which we are excited to work with as a partner. We are pleased to benefit from intelligent optimized operations and increased production at our Incheon water treatment facility...
Juno Jung
CEO, Coway Entech

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