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Retrofit Digitalization – Code of Process Plant

Retrofit Digitalization – Digital Transformation


IntelliFlux adds modern digitalization frameworks on top of your pre-existing DCS, PLC, and SCADA. This makes your plant smart and responsive. It is like upgrading a car’s cruise control system to a modern autonomous driving assistance system.
IntelliFlux only adds the pre-configured and customized Edge Control and Communication Device to the plant’s control system. No other hardware modification is required. Existing sensors and hardware are generally sufficient in most plants.
Once all necessary information for customization are received, it takes about four weeks for a commissioning. Depending on the existing control system capabilities at a plant, typical installations do not require any shutdown of operations. If plant’s existing control system requires rebooting, commissioning is timed during scheduled maintenance breaks. 
IntelliFlux deploys multiple redundancies to ensure that critical control and monitoring services are not disrupted. If disruption occurs to IntelliFlux, the system reverts to the pre-existing control mode of the plant or system. The process control philosophy, logic, or settings of the original plant are never deleted or replaced by IntelliFlux. 
No, operators will remain the last line of defense for process plants in the foreseeable future. IntelliFlux is a set of services designed to deliver more freedom, better process insight, and guidance to the operator to optimize the plant performance with greater confidence and efficacy. Furthermore, IntelliFlux will reduce the mundane workload of the operator by automating report generation and data analysis processes.


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